By now, you are probably one of the millions of viewers of the video that Marina Shifrin shared with the world  almost two weeks ago. Like me, you also probably watched it at least five times, danced along, bopped your head to Kanye, shared it with all of your friends and thought to yourself—she’s so cool […]


This is a post that I wrote in August and it first appeared on Brazen Life, a popular lifestyle and career blog for ambitious young professionals. Enjoy! Dreaming of the fastest way to advance in your career? The time it takes to pull up to a drive-thru window and order a large fry is how […]

Girl holding up a heart that says "I love my bestfriend"

“Friends! How many of us have them? Friends!” If my mom were reading this, she would definitely ask “What do you know about that song?! That was before your time!” Hi mom. Although that song was before my time, it still resonates with me because it makes me think about the friends that I have in […]


Patience is something that many of us haven’t fully mastered and I often think-it’s not entirely our fault. The society we live in has spoiled us rotten. Think about it. What’s the first website we go to when we need any kind of information? Google. Well, actually Ask Jeeves was pretty popular for several years until Google […]


Let’s face it. You either love or hate Yeezy- and if you hate him, well then you’re just a hater and you should cut it out. Granted he’s had some not so great PR moments but can we please move on from the Taylor Swift incident guys? It was in 2009!  I mean, he has a baby now. […]

Now that you’ve gotten some motivation at the end of my last post and are in total survivor mode, let’s deal with the quarter-life crisis. Here are 6 ways to combat QLC symptoms: Don’t be so hard on yourself- We all tend to have that timeline of when things are supposed to happen- entrepreneur by 23, married by 25, retired by 30. […]

Girl with head down

Fact for 500 Alex! Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes, the quarter-life crisis is real. No, you are not alone. Feeling better already eh? Welcome to Quarter-Life Crisis Anonymous (QLCA). Let’s discuss these symptoms that we all (myself included) are experiencing: The pressure to succeed: We all want to be successful and wealthy. More importantly, we want […]


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