Why Millennials “Ain’t Got Time For That”


Patience is something that many of us haven’t fully mastered and I often think-it’s not entirely our fault.

The society we live in has spoiled us rotten. Think about it. What’s the first website we go to when we need any kind of information? Google.

Well, actually Ask Jeeves was pretty popular for several years until Google came along. I went to his website today and Mr. Jeeves was nowhere to be found. Poor guy. Even though they shortened the name to just ask.com, they could have at least kept a picture of Jeeves up.

But I digress-so, Google is all knowing. We use it for locating places, driving directions and if you’re like me and are still at an intermediate level in Excel, Google is your freaking lifesaver.

Because of the instant gratification that we get from search engines and even social media, we have drifted far away from the essence of patience. We have replaced phone calls for text messages and facetime for in-person interaction.

This instant gratification also applies to personal achievement. Whatever it is that we want–the dream job, nice car, or latest Apple product –we want it now–and by now, I mean yesterday– and by yesterday what I’m really saying is–even that’s too long.

Our lack of patience for achieving our desired levels of success is attributed to the fact that we think we are behind. We each have a picture of what our lives should look like and what we should be accomplishing by age 21, 23, 25 and 30 that this truly leaves no time for wasting.

No longer is staying at a job for a decade acceptable–and like the title states, ain’t nobody got time for that! We are figuring out what we do not like early on and are moving on to the next opportunity immediately. Whatever will get us on the fast track to the top the quickest and in the most ethical manner is the route we usually want to take.

However, there are times when a lack of patience can be counterproductive. Sometimes we may not get the desired results as soon as we hoped for and we throw in the towel too soon. I have a friend that I often ask “How long will this take?” and he always responds “As long as it takes. How annoying is that right? But–it’s true. Everything takes time and we should always be mindful of that in every thing that we try to pursue in life whether it be a new fitness plan, startup venture or even a new relationship. All good things take time to develop and success does not happen overnight.

So at the end of the day, maybe we should just hurry up and wait.

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  1. Love it!

    1. Thanks Rhue!

  2. I’ve had this same problem (had?, well maybe I still have this problem), but what i’ve learned is to Enjoy the Journey. It’s not all about the goal, you have to enjoy each step of the process along the way.

    1. So true. I too struggle with instant gratification and wanting everything now.

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