London – South Bank

This morning Charlotte and I were a bit slow out of the gate. And not Notting Hill Gate. It was way after 11 before Char and I got on a train. It turns out that Premier Inn doesn’t make empty promises – those beds are very comfortable and we both slept in. Add in a leisurely breakfast and you’ve squandered quite a bit of the day.

As much as I like being in a shopping mall, after a while it does tend to make you a bit cabin feverish. So we decided to scrap our original idea of going to a museum in favour of walking around in the fresh air. We took the Jubilee line to London Bridge and walked around. It was a great afternoon. It shouldn’t have been as we broke the cardinal rule of sightseeing – we did zero planning. I guess that’s the thing about London – you can show up anywhere, at any time and there will be something to see. Here are some of the little known sights we saw today…

Millennium Bridge
IMG_2340 (1)
Skyline from Southbank
IMG_2310 (1)
Great Fire of London Monument by Christopher Wren
The Shard in the distance
St Paul’s



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